7 - 40 MC67 User Guide
Figure 7-39
BTExplorer Settings - Discovery
Virtual COM Port
Virtual COM Port defines which COM ports BTExplorer attempts to use for virtual COM ports. Check the
appropriate checkbox to use the port as a virtual COM port. When finished, choose Apply to enforce changes,
or Revert to restore the original settings.
Use HID to select The Human Interface Device Profile programming interface that defines the protocols and
procedures to be used to implement HID capabilities.
Table 7-15
Discovery Data
Item Description
Inquiry Length Sets the amount of time the MC67 takes to discover Bluetooth devices in
the area.
Name Discovery Mode Select either Automatic or Manual to automatically attempt to discover
a Bluetooth device's name after finding the device.
Discovered Devices - Delete
Deletes all discovered devices and link keys from memory.
Discovered Devices - Delete
Linked Keys
Removes all pairing from remote Bluetooth devices, and makes them all
Table 7-16
Virtual COM Port Data
Item Description
COM5:Bluetooth Enable or disable COM Port 5.
COM9:Bluetooth Enable or disable COM Port 9.
COM11:Bluetooth Enable or disable COM Port 11.
COM21:Bluetooth Enable or disable COM Port 21.
COM22:Bluetooth Enable or disable COM Port 22.
COM23:Bluetooth Enable or disable COM Port 23.
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