Bluetooth 7 - 39
Security settings allows the user to set global security policies for Bluetooth. Note that these settings are only
active on local Services that are set to Authenticate or Authenticate/Encryption. The user can set
authentication on local Services under Services.
To adjust the security settings for an individual service, select Services first, then select the individual service,
then Properties.
Figure 7-38
BTExplorer Settings - Security
Use Discovery to set and modify discovered devices.
NOTE To use PIN Code, select Authenticate or Authenticate/Encrypt from the Service Security drop-down
list on each local service.
Table 7-14
Security Data
Item Description
Use PIN Code (Incoming
Select for automatic use of the PIN code entered in the PIN Code text
box. It is recommended not to use this automatic PIN code feature. See
Security on page 7-2 for more information.
PIN Code Enter the PIN code.
Encrypt Link On All Outgoing
Select to enable or disable encryption on all outgoing connections to
other Bluetooth devices.
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