7 - 34 MC67 User Guide
Figure 7-34
PIN Code Request Window
2. In the PIN Code: text box, enter the same PIN entered on the device requesting the bond. The PIN must
be between 1 and 16 characters.
3. In the Device Name: text box, edit the name of the device requesting the bond, if desired.
4. Tap OK to create the bond. The MC67 can now exchange information with the other device.
Bluetooth Settings
Use the BTExplorer Settings window to configure the operation of the BTExplorer application. Tap Menu >
Device Info
Use Device Info to configure the MC67’s Bluetooth connection modes.
Use Services to add or delete Bluetooth services.
Table 7-3
Device Info Data
Item Description
Device Name Displays the name of the MC67.
Discoverable Mode Select whether or not the MC67 is discoverable by other Bluetooth devices.
Connectable Mode Select whether or not the MC67 is connectable by other Bluetooth devices.
NOTE Ensure that the MC67 is discoverable and connectable when remote devices use MC67 services.
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