Bluetooth 7 - 25
Figure 7-24
Add Phone Book Entry Window
3. In the Name for the connection text box, enter a name for this connection.
4. In the Country Code text box, enter the country code for the country that the user is calling.
5. In the Area Code text box, enter the area code.
6. In the Phone Number text box, enter the phone number.
7. Tap OK.
Object Exchange Push Services
Object Exchange (OBEX) is a set of protocols that allows sharing objects such as Contacts or pictures using
To exchange contact information with another Bluetooth enabled device:
1. Ensure the MC67 is discoverable and connectable. See Device Info on page 7-34.
2. Ensure that the OBEX Object Push profile is enabled on the MC67. See Profiles on page 7-41 for more
3. Use the Connection Wizard to search for a Bluetooth device.
4. Select the device and tap Next.
5. Select the OBEX Object Push service and tap Next. The Connection Favorite Options window
6. Tap Next. The Connection Summary window appears.
7. Tap Connect. The OBEX Object Push window appears.
8. In the Action drop-down list, select one of the following options: Send Contact Information, Swap
Contact Information, Fetch Contact Information, or Send a Picture.
Sending a Contact
To send a contact to another device:
NOTE If favorite connections have already been created, the Favorites screen displays. If no favorite
connections have been created, the New Connection Wizard screen displays.
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