Imaging Preferences 5 - 11
JPEG Target File Size
Parameter # F4h, F1h, 31h
Type: Word
Range: 5-350
This parameter defines the target JPEG file size in terms 1 Kilobytes (1024 bytes). The default value is 160 kB
which represents 160 Kilobytes.
To set the JPEG Target File Size parameter, scan JPEG Target File Size below followed by three numeric bar
codes representing the value. Leading zeros are required. For example, to set an image file size value of 99, scan
0, 9, 9 in Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes.
JPEG Quality and Size Value
JPEG Quality = Parameter # F0h, 31h
If you selected JPEG Quality Selector, scan the JPEG Quality Value bar code followed by 3 bar codes from
Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes corresponding to a value from 5 to 100, where 100 represents the highest quality
CAUTION JPEG compress may take 10 to 15 seconds based on the amount of information in the target image.
Scanning JPEG Quality Selector (default setting) on page 5-10 produces a compressed image that is
consistent in quality and compression time.
JPEG Target File Size
(3 digits)
JPEG Quality Value
(Default: 065)
(5 - 100 Decimal)
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