5 - 10 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Image Brightness (Target White)
Parameter # F0h 86h
Type: Byte
Range: 1 - 240
This parameter sets the Target White value used in Snapshot and Video Viewfinder mode when using auto
exposure. White and black are defined as 240 decimal and 1, respectively. Setting the value to the factory default
of 180 sets the white level of the image to ~180.
To set the Image Brightness parameter, scan Image Brightness below followed by three numeric bar codes
representing the value. Leading zeros are required. For example, to set an Image Brightness value of 99, scan 0,
9, 9. See Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes for numeric bar codes.
JPEG Image Options
Parameter # F0h, 2Bh
Select an option to optimize JPEG images for either size or for quality. Scan the JPEG Quality Selector bar code
to enter a quality value; the digital scanner then selects the corresponding image size. Scan the JPEG Size
Selector bar code to enter a size value; the digital scanner then selects the best image quality.
Image Brightness
(3 digits)
*JPEG Quality Selector
JPEG Size Selector
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