5 - 8 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Crop to Pixel Addresses
Parameter # F4h, F0h, 3Bh (Top)
Parameter # F4h, F0h, 3Ch (Left)
Parameter # F4h, F0h, 3Dh (Bottom)
Parameter # F4h, F0h, 3Eh (Right)
If you selected Enable Image Cropping, set the pixel addresses from (0,0) to (751,479) to crop to.
Columns are numbered from 0 to 751, rows from 0 to 479. Specify four values for Top, Left, Bottom, and Right,
where Top and Bottom correspond to row pixel addresses, and Left and Right correspond to column pixel
addresses. For example, for a 4 row x 8 column image in the extreme bottom-right section of the image set the
following values:
Top = 476, Bottom = 479, Left = 744, Right = 751
To set the crop to pixel address, scan each pixel address bar code below followed by three numeric bar codes
representing the value. Leading zeros are required. For example, to crop the top pixel address to 3, scan 0, 0, 3.
See Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes for numeric bar codes.
NOTE The digital scanner has a cropping resolution of 4 pixels. Setting the cropping area to less than 4 pixels
(after resolution adjustment, see Image Size (Number of Pixels) on page 5-9) transfers the entire image.
Top Pixel Address
(0 - 479 Decimal)
Left Pixel Address
(0 - 751 Decimal)
Bottom Pixel Address
(0 - 479 Decimal)
Right Pixel Address
(0 - 751 Decimal)
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