5 - 6 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Snapshot Mode Timeout
Parameter # F0h, 43h
This parameter sets the amount of time the digital scanner remains in Snapshot Mode. The digital scanner exits
Snapshot Mode when you pull the trigger, or when the Snapshot Mode Timeout elapses. To set this timeout value,
scan the bar code below followed by a bar code from Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes. The default value is 0
which represents 30 seconds; values increment by 30. For example, 1 = 60 seconds, 2 = 90 seconds, etc.
Snapshot Aiming Pattern
Parameter # F0h, 2Ch
Select Enable Snapshot Aiming Pattern to project the aiming pattern when in Snapshot Mode, or Disable
Snapshot Aiming Pattern to turn the aiming pattern off.
Snapshot Mode Timeout
*Enable Snapshot Aiming Pattern
Disable Snapshot Aiming Pattern
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