5 - 4 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Imaging Preferences
The parameters in this chapter control image capture characteristics. Image capture occurs in all modes of
operation, including decode and snapshot.
Operational Modes
The digital scanner has two modes of operation:
Decode Mode
Snapshot Mode.
Decode Mode
By default, when you pull the trigger the digital scanner attempts to locate and decode enabled bar codes within its
field of view. The digital scanner remains in this mode until it decodes a bar code or you release the trigger.
Snapshot Mode
Use Snapshot Mode to capture a high-quality image and transmit it to the host. To temporarily enter this mode scan
the Snapshot Mode bar code. While in this mode the digital scanner blinks the green LED at 1-second intervals to
indicate it is not in standard operating (decode) mode.
In Snapshot Mode, the digital scanner turns on its laser aiming pattern to highlight the area to capture in the image.
The next trigger pull instructs the digital scanner to capture a high quality image and transmit it to the host. A short
time may pass (less than 2 seconds) between when the trigger is pulled and the image is captured as the digital
scanner adjusts to the lighting conditions. Hold the digital scanner steady until the image is captured, denoted by a
single beep.
If you do not press the trigger within the Snapshot Mode Timeout period, the digital scanner returns to Decode
Mode. Use Snapshot Mode Timeout on page 5-6 to adjust this timeout period. The default timeout period is 30
To disable the laser aiming pattern during Snapshot Mode, see Snapshot Aiming Pattern on page 5-6.
Snapshot Mode
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