5 - 2 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Scanning Sequence Examples
In most cases scanning one bar code sets the parameter value. For example, to disable image capture
illumination, scan the Disable Image Capture Illumination bar code under Image Capture Illumination on page
5-5. The digital scanner issues a fast warble beep and the LED turns green, signifying a successful parameter
Other parameters require scanning several bar codes. See these parameter descriptions for this procedure.
Errors While Scanning
Unless otherwise specified, to correct an error during a scanning sequence, just re-scan the correct parameter.
Imaging Preferences Parameter Defaults
Table 5-1 lists the defaults for imaging preferences parameters. To change the default values, scan the appropriate
bar codes in this guide. These new values replace the standard default values in memory. To recall the default
parameter values, scan the Set Default Parameter on page 4-4.
NOTE See Appendix A, Standard Default Parameters for all user preferences, hosts, symbologies, and
miscellaneous default parameters.
Table 5-1
Imaging Preferences Parameter Defaults
Parameter Parameter
Number Default Page
Imaging Preferences
Operational Modes N/A N/A 5-4
Image Capture Illumination F0h 69h Enable 5-5
Snapshot Mode Timeout F0h 43h 0 (30 seconds) 5-6
Snapshot Aiming Pattern F0h 2Ch Enable 5-6
Image Cropping F0h 2Dh Disable 5-7
Crop to Pixel Addresses F4h F0h 3Bh;
F4h F0h 3Ch;
F4h F0h 3Dh;
F4h F0h 3Eh
0 top
0 left
479 bottom
751 right
Image Size (Number of Pixels) F0h 2Eh Full 5-9
Image Brightness (Target White) F0h 86h 180 5-10
JPEG Image Options F0h 2Bh Quality 5-10
JPEG Target File Size F1h 31h 160 kB 5-11
JPEG Quality and Size Value F0h 31h 65 5-11
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