User Preferences & Miscellaneous Digital Scanner Options 4 - 35
Multicode Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Multicode Expression Programming
Use the following suggestions if encountering problems programming a multicode expression:
Ensure the expression is valid. Invalid expressions are rejected during programming. When an expression is
rejected the previous expression remains intact. If after programming the expression the digital scanner can
still decode any bar code, the expression was possibly rejected.
When programming the multicode expression via parameter bar code, the digital scanner generates beeps. If
any of the following beeps do not sound during programming, an error occurred (see Table 2-1 on page 2-2
and Table 2-2 on page 2-4 for error indicators):
Scanning the Multicode Expression bar code produces a two-tone (same pitch) beep.
Scanning each value of the expression produces a two-tone (same pitch) beep.
Scanning the End Of Message bar code produces a four-tone (high-low-high-low) beep.
Check the expression for syntax errors.
Try programming a simple expression to ensure the syntax is correct. See Examples of Simple Multicode
Review Notes on page 4-29 for additional hints.
Troubleshooting Multicode Mode Scanning and Decoding
Use the following suggestions if encountering problems using multicode mode:
If the digital scanner appears to decode any single bar code instead of the intended multiple bar codes,
ensure you enabled Multicode Mode on page 4-27. Programming the multicode expression does not enable
multicode mode.
When specifying Region, ensure:
Coordinates are within range the 0-100 decimal (or 0x00 - 0x64 hexadecimal).
Top, Left is above Bottom, Right. Top, Left is 0,0 (0x00, 0x00 hexadecimal), and Bottom, Right is 100,100
(0x64, 0x64 hexadecimal).
Regions for two or more bar codes do not overlap.
When specifying Code Type ensure the digital scanner supports the code type. Try decoding a single bar
code without using multicode. If it does not decode try enabling the bar code type. See Chapter 10,
Experiment with simpler expressions, then add to it until you discover the source of the error. For example try
the simplest expression (see Examples of Simple Multicode Expressions) and make sure you can scan a
single bar code. If so, extend the expression by adding a second bar code, specifying a region, or specifying
the code type. Verify that the digital scanner can decode this new expression. Continue adding to the
expression until it fails to decode as expected, indicating the source of the error.
Review Notes on page 4-29 for additional hints.
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