User Preferences & Miscellaneous Digital Scanner Options 4 - 27
Multicode Mode
Parameter # F1h, A5h
Enable this parameter to allow multiple bar codes to decode upon one trigger event based on the programmed
multicode expression. The digital scanner reports a successful decode and provides user indication only if it
decodes all bar codes indicated by the multicode expression, otherwise the decode fails. Bar codes are transmitted
in the order defined in the multicode expression. Disable this to operate in normal decode mode.
When using this mode, always orient the digital scanner at the same distance and angle (perpendicular).
NOTES Enabling Multicode Mode disables Picklist Mode.
Multicode does not operate in presentation mode.
Do not use Multicode Mode if a trigger is set to Laser Preferred Decoding.
Do not use Multicode Mode if Continuous Bar Code Read is enabled.
*Disable Multicode Mode
Enable Multicode Mode
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