User Preferences & Miscellaneous Digital Scanner Options 4 - 25
PDF Prioritization
Parameter # F1h CFh
Enable this feature to delay decoding a 1D bar code (Code 128 of 8 to 25 characters length) by the value specified
in PDF Prioritization Timeout. During that time the digital scanner attempts to decode a PDF417 symbol (e.g., on a
US driver's license), and if successful reports this only. If it does not decode (can not find) a PDF417 symbol, it
reports the 1D symbol after the timeout. The 1D symbol must be in the device’s field of view for the digital scanner
to report it. This parameter does not affect decoding other symbologies.
PDF Prioritization Timeout
Parameter # F1h D0h
When PDF Prioritization is enabled, this timeout specifies how long the digital scanner attempts to decode a
PDF417 symbol before reporting the 1D bar code in the field of view.
Scan the following bar code, then scan four digits from Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes that specify the timeout in
milliseconds. For example, to enter 400 ms, scan the following bar code, then scan 0400. The range is 0 to 5000
ms, and the default is 200 ms.
NOTE Disable Picklist Mode on page 4-19 if enabling this parameter.
*Disable PDF Prioritization
Enable PDF Prioritization
PDF Prioritization Timeout
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