User Preferences & Miscellaneous Digital Scanner Options 4 - 3
Momentary Trigger Mode Timeout EDh 5 sec 4-16
Motion Detect Range F2h 3Bh Full 4-17
Post Decode Illumination F2h 29h Always Off 4-18
Presentation Mode Field of View F1h 61h Full 4-18
Picklist Mode F0h 92h Enabled in Trigger Mode 4-19
Continuous Bar Code Read F1h 89h Disable 4-20
Unique Bar Code Reporting F1h D31h Disable 4-20
Decode Session Timeout 88h 9.9 Sec 4-21
Timeout Between Decodes, Same Symbol 89h 0.5 Sec 4-21
Timeout Between Decodes, Different Symbols 90h 0.2 Sec 4-22
Fuzzy 1D Processing F1h 02h Enable 4-22
Decode Mirror Images F1h, 19h Auto 4-23
Mobile Phone/Display Mode F1h CCh Enable in Both
Hand-Held and
Hands-Free Modes
PDF Prioritization F1h CFh Disable 4-25
PDF Prioritization Timeout F1h D0h 200 ms 4-25
Decoding Illumination (Hand-Held Mode Only) F0h, 2Ah Enable 4-26
Multicode Mode F1h, A5h Disable 4-27
Multicode Expression F1h, 95h 1 4-28
Multicode Mode Concatenation F1h, CDh Disable 4-33
Multicode Concatenation Symbology F1h, D2h Concatenate as PDF417 4-34
Miscellaneous Options
Transmit Code ID Character 2Dh None 4-37
Prefix Value 63h, 69h 7013 <CR><LF> 4-38
Suffix 1 Value
Suffix 2 Value
62h 68h
64h 6Ah
7013 <CR><LF> 4-38
Scan Data Transmission Format EBh Data as is 4-39
FN1 Substitution Values 67h 6Dh Set 4-41
Transmit “No Read” Message 5Eh Disable 4-42
Table 4-1
User Preferences Parameter Defaults (Continued)
Parameter Parameter
Number Default Page
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