4 - 2 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Scanning Sequence Examples
In most cases, scanning one bar code sets the parameter value. For example, to set the beeper tone to high, scan
the High Frequency (beeper tone) bar code listed under Beeper Tone on page 4-6. The digital scanner issues a
fast warble beep and the LED turns green, signifying a successful parameter entry.
Other parameters, such as Serial Response Time-Out or Data Transmission Formats, require scanning several
bar codes. See these parameter descriptions for this procedure.
Errors While Scanning
Unless otherwise specified, to correct an error during a scanning sequence, just re-scan the correct parameter.
User Preferences/Miscellaneous Options Parameter Defaults
Table 4-1 lists defaults for user preferences parameters. To change the default values, scan the appropriate bar
codes in this guide. These new values replace the standard default values in memory. To recall the default
parameter values, scan the Set Default Parameter on page 4-4.
NOTE See Appendix A, Standard Default Parameters for all user preferences, hosts, symbologies, and
miscellaneous default parameters.
Table 4-1
User Preferences Parameter Defaults
Parameter Parameter
Number Default Page
User Preferences
Set Default Parameter Set Defaults 4-4
Parameter Bar Code Scanning ECh Enable 4-5
Beep After Good Decode 38h Enable 4-5
Beeper Tone 91h Medium 4-6
Beeper Volume 8Ch High 4-7
Volume Adjustment Trigger Timeout F0h 93h 5.0 Sec 4-8
Beeper Duration F1h 74h Medium 4-9
Suppress Power-up Beeps F1h D1h Do not suppress 4-9
Low Power Mode 80h Disable 4-10
Time Delay to Low Power Mode 92h 1 Hour 4-11
Trigger Mode 8Ah Presentation 4-13
Trigger Aiming Pattern F0h 32h Enable 4-14
Presentation Aiming Pattern F1h 4Eh Disable 4-15
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