3 - 4 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Report Software Version Bar Code
When contacting Motorola Enterprise Mobility Support, a support representative may ask you to scan the bar code
below to determine the version of software installed in the digital scanner.
Digital scanner emits
low/high/low beeps.
Clearing Code 39 buffer. Normal when scanning the Code 39
Clear Buffer
bar code or
upon attempt to transmit an empty
Code 39 buffer.
Digital scanner emits a
power-up beep after changing
USB host type.
The USB bus re-established power to
the digital scanner.
Normal when changing USB host type.
Digital scanner emits one high
beep when not in use.
In RS-232 mode, a <BEL> character
was received and Beep on <BEL>
option is enabled.
Normal when
Beep on <BEL>
enabled and the digital scanner is in
RS-232 mode.
Table 3-1
Troubleshooting (Continued)
Problem Possible Causes Possible Solutions
NOTE If after performing these checks the digital scanner still experiences problems, contact the distributor or
call Motorola Enterprise Mobility Support. See page xviii for the telephone numbers.
Report Software Version
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