Glossary - 3
Code Length. Number of data characters in a bar code between the start and stop characters, not including those
Cold Boot. A cold boot restarts the mobile computer and erases all user stored records and entries.
COM port. Communication port; ports are identified by number, e.g., COM1, COM2.
Continuous Code. A bar code or symbol in which all spaces within the symbol are parts of characters. There are no
intercharacter gaps in a continuous code. The absence of gaps allows for greater information density.
Cradle. A cradle is used for charging the terminal battery and for communicating with a host computer, and provides a
storage place for the terminal when not in use.
Dead Zone. An area within a scanner's field of view, in which specular reflection may prevent a successful decode.
Decode. To recognize a bar code symbology (e.g., UPC/EAN) and then analyze the content of the specific bar code
Decode Algorithm. A decoding scheme that converts pulse widths into data representation of the letters or numbers
encoded within a bar code symbol.
Decryption. Decryption is the decoding and unscrambling of received encrypted data. Also see, Encryption and Key.
Depth of Field. The range between minimum and maximum distances at which a scanner can read a symbol with a certain
minimum element width.
Discrete 2 of 5. A binary bar code symbology representing each character by a group of five bars, two of which are wide.
The location of wide bars in the group determines which character is encoded; spaces are insignificant. Only numeric
characters (0 to 9) and START/STOP characters may be encoded.
Discrete Code. A bar code or symbol in which the spaces between characters (intercharacter gaps) are not part of the code.
DRAM. Dynamic random access memory.
EAN. European Article Number. This European/International version of the UPC provides its own coding format and
symbology standards. Element dimensions are specified metrically. EAN is used primarily in retail.
Element. Generic term for a bar or space.
Encoded Area. Total linear dimension occupied by all characters of a code pattern, including start/stop characters and data.
ENQ (RS-232). ENQ software handshaking is also supported for the data sent to the host.
ESD. Electro-Static Discharge
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