Signature Capture Code F - 3
Table F-2 lists selectable parameters used to generate the image of the captured signature.
BMP format does not use compression, JPEG and TIFF formats do.
The size of the signature capture box is determined by the height and separation of the start and stop patterns. The
line width of the signature capture box is insignificant.
The thinnest element width, referred to here as X, is nominally 10 mils (1 mil = 0.0254 mm). Select this as an exact
multiple of the pixel pitch of the printer used. For example, when using a 203 DPI (dots-per-inch) printer and
printing 2 dots per module, the resulting X dimension is 9.85 mils.
Data Format
The scanner output is formatted according to Table F-3. Symbol scanners allow different user options to output or
inhibit bar code type. Selecting "Symbol ID" as the bar code type for output identifies the CapCode with letter "i".
Table F-2
User Defined CapCode Parameters
Parameter Defined
Width Number of pixels
Height Number of pixels
JPEG quality 1 (most compression) to 100 (best quality)
Bits Per Pixel
(not applicable to JPEG format)
1 (2 levels)
4 (16 levels)
8 (256 levels)
Table F-3
Data Format
File Format
(1 byte) Type (1 byte) Image Size
(4 bytes, BIG Endian) Image Data
JPEG - 1
BMP - 3
TIFF - 4
Table F-1
, last
(Same bytes as in a data
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