Data Capture 2 - 5
The DS9208 has an integrated, adjustable stand to easily accommodate both
and triggered scanning.
Presentation Mode Scanning
For standard operation, the digital scanner is in
presentation mode
and automatically decodes bar codes that are
presented in its field of view.
Figure 2-2
Scanning in Presentation Mode, Hands-Free
Blinking Green Enter another criterion or action, or scan the
Save Rule
bar code.
Green after Blinking Rule saved. Rule entry mode exited.
Cancel rule entry. Rule entry mode exited because of an error or the user asked to exit
rule entry.
Red Out of rule memory. Erase some existing rules, then try to save rule again.
Entry error, wrong bar code scanned, or criteria/action list is too long for a rule. Re-enter
criterion or action.
Firmware update
Red, alternating between
solid and fast blinking
Firmware download is completing. Wait for this indicator to complete before using the
scanner. This indicator is followed by a low/medium/high power up beep.
Table 2-2
Standard LED Definitions
LED Indication
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