Driver’s License Set Up (DS9208-DL) 13 - 3
Parsing Driver’s License Data Fields (Embedded Driver's License Parsing)
To begin programming a parsing rule:
1. Scan Begin New Driver’s License Parse Rule on page 13-4.
2. Scan any of the field bar codes on the following pages, or Send Keystroke (Control Characters and
Keyboard Characters) on page 13-24 to complete the parsing rule.
3. After entering the entire rule, scan Save Driver’s License Parse Rule on page 13-4 to save the rule.
To abort the programming sequence at any time during programming, scan Quit Entering Driver’s License Rule on
page 13-4. Any previously saved rule is retained.
To erase a programmed saved rule, scan Erase Driver’s License Parse Rules on page 13-4.
Embedded Driver's License Parsing Criteria - Code Type
After specifying the fields and their order for the parsed driver's license, you can also apply standard ADF rules to
the parsed data using the Parsed Driver’s License criterion bar code in the Advanced Data Formatting Programmer
See Embedded Driver's License Parsing ADF Example on page 13-21 for a sample ADF rule using this code type
NOTE Only ONE driver’s license parsing rule may be stored in memory at any time. Saving a new rule replaces
the prior rule.
NOTE Only create standard ADF rules on parsed driver's license data when configured for Embedded Driver's
License Parsing.
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