Chapter 11 123Scan2
123Scan² is an easy to use, PC-based software tool that enables rapid customized setup of Symbol scanners by
123Scan² uses a wizard tool to guide users through a streamlined set up process. Settings are saved in a
configuration file that can be distributed via e-mail, electronically downloaded via a USB cable, or used to generate
a sheet of scannable programming bar codes.
Additionally 123Scan² can upgrade scanner firmware, check online to enable support for newly released products,
generate a collection of multi-setting bar codes if the number of settings is very large, stage large number of
scanners simultaneously, generate reports with asset tracking information and create custom products.
Communication with 123Scan2
To communicate with the 123Scan² program which runs on a host computer running a Windows XP SP2 or
Windows Vista operating system, use a USB cable to connect the digital scanner to the host computer (see
Connecting a USB Interface on page 6-2).
123Scan2 Requirements
Host computer with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
USB cable.
For more information on123Scan², go to:
To download 123Scan² software and access the Help file integrated in the utility, go to:
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