Symbologies 10 - 85
Macro PDF Features
Macro PDF is a special feature for concatenating multiple PDF symbols into one file. The scanner can decode
symbols that are encoded with this feature, and can store more than 64 Kb of decoded data stored in up to 50
MacroPDF symbols.
Flush Macro Buffer
This flushes the buffer of all decoded Macro PDF data stored to that point, transmits it to the host device, and
aborts from Macro PDF mode.
Abort Macro PDF Entry
This clears all currently-stored Macro PDF data in the buffer without transmission and aborts from Macro PDF
CAUTION When printing, keep each Macro PDF sequence separate, as each sequence has unique identifiers.
Do not mix bar codes from several Macro PDF sequences, even if they encode the same data. When
scanning Macro PDF sequences, scan the entire Macro PDF sequence without interruption. If, when
scanning a mixed sequence, the digital scanner emits two long low beeps (Low/Low) this indicates an
inconsistent file ID or inconsistent symbology error.
Flush Macro PDF Buffer
Abort Macro PDF Entry
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