Getting Started 1 - 7
Required Accessories
The digital scanner ships with the DS9208 Quick Start Guide. Also order an interface cable for the appropriate
interface, and a universal power supply if the interface requires this. For additional items, contact a local Motorola
representative or business partner.
Optional Accessories
Contact Motorola to purchase the following accessories for the DS9208:
Wall Mount Bracket (see Wall Mount Bracket on page 1-4 for installation instructions)
Locking Mount Bracket (see Locking Mount Bracket on page 1-5 for installation instructions)
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) (Optional)
Because there are several Checkpoint EAS systems available, your local Checkpoint representative should connect
the digital scanner to the Checkpoint EAS system and tune the system. To contact your local Checkpoint
representative inside the U.S. call 800-257-5540, ext. 4300. Outside the U.S., call (609) 848-1800, ext. 4300.
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