Getting Started 1 - 3
Setting Up the Digital Scanner
Installing the Interface Cable
1. Insert the interface cable modular connector into the interface cable port on the rear of the digital scanner until
you hear a click. The green LED lights and low/medium/high beeps sound, indicating that the scanner is
Figure 1-2
Installing the Cable
2. Gently tug the cable to ensure the connector is secure.
3. Connect the other end of the interface cable to the host (see the specific host chapter for information on host
Removing the Interface Cable
1. Tilt the scanner fully forward.
2. Using the tip of a small screwdriver, depress the cable’s modular connector clip and carefully slide out the
Connecting Power (if required)
If the host does not provide power to the digital scanner, connect an external power supply.
1. Plug the power supply into the power jack on the interface cable.
2. Plug the other end of the power supply into an AC outlet.
Interface cable
modular connector
To host
Cable interface port
NOTE Different hosts require different cables. The connectors illustrated in each host chapter are examples only.
Connectors vary from those illustrated, but the steps to connect the digital scanner are the same.
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