10 - 22 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
EAN-8/JAN-8 Extend
Parameter # 27h
Enable this parameter to add five leading zeros to decoded EAN-8 symbols to make them compatible in format to
EAN-13 symbols.
Disable this to transmit EAN-8 symbols as is.
UCC Coupon Extended Code
Parameter # 55h
Enable this parameter to decode UPC-A bar codes starting with digit ‘5’, EAN-13 bar codes starting with digit ‘99’,
and UPC-A/GS1-128 Coupon Codes. UPCA, EAN-13, and GS1-128 must be enabled to scan all types of
Coupon Codes.
Enable EAN/JAN Zero Extend
*Disable EAN/JAN Zero Extend
Enable UCC Coupon Extended Code
*Disable UCC Coupon Extended Code
NOTE See UPC/EAN/JAN Supplemental Redundancy on page 10-15 to control autodiscrimination of the
GS1-128 (right half) of a coupon code.
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