10 - 18 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Transmit UPC-E1 Check Digit
Parameter # 2Ah
The check digit is the last character of the symbol used to verify the integrity of the data. Scan the appropriate bar
code below to transmit the bar code data with or without the UPC-E1 check digit. It is always verified to guarantee
the integrity of the data.
UPC-A Preamble
Parameter # 22h
Preamble characters are part of the UPC symbol, and include Country Code and System Character. There are
three options for transmitting a UPC-A preamble to the host device: transmit System Character only, transmit
System Character and Country Code (“0” for USA), and transmit no preamble. Select the appropriate option to
match the host system.
*Transmit UPC-E1 Check Digit
Do Not Transmit UPC-E1 Check Digit
No Preamble (<DATA>)
*System Character (<SYSTEM CHARACTER> <DATA>)
System Character & Country Code
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