Symbologies 10 - 11
Bookland ISBN Format
Parameter # F1h 40h
If Bookland EAN is enabled, select one of the following formats for Bookland data:
Bookland ISBN-10 - The digital scanner reports Bookland data starting with 978 in traditional 10-digit format
with the special Bookland check digit for backward-compatibility. Data starting with 979 is not considered
Bookland in this mode.
Bookland ISBN-13 - The digital scanner reports Bookland data (starting with either 978 or 979) as EAN-13 in
13-digit format to meet the 2007 ISBN-13 protocol.
*Bookland ISBN-10
Bookland ISBN-13
NOTE For Bookland EAN to function properly, ensure Bookland EAN is enabled (see Enable/Disable Bookland
EAN on page 10-10), then select either Decode UPC/EAN Supplementals, Autodiscriminate UPC/EAN
Supplementals, or Enable 978/979 Supplemental Mode in Decode UPC/EAN/JAN Supplementals on
page 10-12.
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