10 - 6 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Composite CC-C F0h 55h Disable 10-72
Composite CC-A/B F0h 56h Disable 10-72
Composite TLC-39 F0h 73h Disable 10-73
UPC Composite Mode F0h 58h Never Linked 10-73
Composite Beep Mode F0h 8Eh Beep As Each Code
Type is Decoded
GS1-128 Emulation Mode for UCC/EAN Composite Codes F0h ABh Disable 10-74
2D Symbologies
PDF417 0Fh Enable 10-75
MicroPDF417 E3h Disable 10-75
Code 128 Emulation 7Bh Disable 10-76
Data Matrix F0h 24h Enable 10-77
Data Matrix Inverse F1h 4Ch Regular 10-77
Maxicode F0h 26h Disable 10-78
QR Code F0h 25h Enable 10-78
QR Inverse F1h 4Bh Regular 10-79
MicroQR F1h 3Dh Enable 10-79
Aztec F1h 3Eh Enable 10-80
Aztec Inverse F1h 4Dh Inverse Autodetect 10-80
Symbology-Specific Security Levels
Redundancy Level 4Eh 1 10-81
Security Level (UPC/EAN and Code 93) 4Dh 1 10-83
Intercharacter Gap Size F0h 7Dh Normal 10-84
Macro PDF
Flush Macro PDF Buffer 10-85
Abort Macro PDF Entry 10-85
Table 10-1
Parameter Defaults (Continued)
Parameter Parameter
Number Default Page
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