Keyboard Wedge Interface 9 - 3
Keyboard Wedge Parameter Defaults
Table 9-1 lists the defaults for Keyboard Wedge host parameters. To change any option, scan the appropriate bar
code(s) in the Keyboard Wedge Host Parameters section beginning on page 9-4.
NOTE See Appendix A, Standard Default Parameters for all user preferences, hosts, symbologies, and
miscellaneous default parameters.
Table 9-1
Keyboard Wedge Host Default Table
Parameter Default Page
Keyboard Wedge Host Parameters
Keyboard Wedge Host Type IBM PC/AT& IBM PC Compatibles 9-4
Country Types (Country Codes) North American 9-5
Ignore Unknown Characters Transmit 9-7
Keystroke Delay No Delay 9-7
Intra-Keystroke Delay Disable 9-8
Alternate Numeric Keypad
Disable 9-8
Simulated Caps Lock Disable 9-9
Caps Lock Override Disable 9-9
Convert Wedge Data No Convert 9-10
Function Key Mapping Disable 9-10
FN1 Substitution Disable 9-11
Send and Make Break Send 9-11
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