RS-232 Interface 7 - 3
RS-232 Parameter Defaults
Table 7-1 lists the defaults for RS-232 host parameters. To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code(s)
provided in the RS-232 Host Parameters section beginning on page 7-4.
NOTE See Appendix A, Standard Default Parameters for all user preferences, hosts, symbologies, and
miscellaneous default parameters.
Table 7-1
RS-232 Host Default Table
Parameter Default Page
RS-232 Host Parameters
RS-232 Host Types Standard 7-6
Baud Rate 9600 7-8
Parity Type None 7-9
Stop Bits 1 7-10
Data Bits 8-bit 7-10
Check Receive Errors Enable 7-11
Hardware Handshaking None 7-11
Software Handshaking None 7-13
Host Serial Response Time-out 2 Sec 7-15
RTS Line State Low RTS 7-16
Beep on <BEL> Disable 7-16
Intercharacter Delay 0 msec 7-17
Nixdorf Beep/LED Options Normal Operation 7-18
Ignore Unknown Characters Send Bar Code 7-18
Note: The DS9208 supports one stop bit only.
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