5 - 16 DS9208 Product Reference Guide
Signature Capture
Parameter # 5Dh
A signature capture bar code is a special-purpose symbology which delineates a signature capture area in a
document with a machine-readable format. The recognition pattern is variable so it can optionally provide an index
to various signatures. The region inside the bar code pattern is considered the signature capture area. See
Appendix F, Signature Capture Code for more information.
Output File Format
Decoding a signature capture bar code de-skews the signature image and converts the image to a BMP, JPEG, or
TIFF file format. The output data includes the file descriptor followed by the formatted signature image.
To enable or disable Signature Capture, scan the appropriate bar code below.
File Descriptor
Signature Image
Output Format
(1 byte)
Signature Type (1
Signature Image Size
(4 bytes)
(BIG Endian)
JPEG - 1
BMP - 3
TIFF - 4
1-8 0x00000400 0x00010203….
Enable Signature Capture
*Disable Signature Capture
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