ZebraNet Utilities
ZebraNet Alert
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
ZebraNet Alert
ZebraLink Alerts
ZebraNet Alert
ZebraNet Alert gives you the ability to manage your Zebra printers by immediately notifying
System Administrators of printer error or warning conditions, which reduces printer downtime
and increases application efficiency. Using Web-based configuration tools, selected errors or
warning conditions can be routed to a variety of services such as email messages, wireless
pagers, or the ZebraNet Alert.
Table 11 shows the conditions that can trigger alerts and the possible destinations.
Table 11 • ZebraNet Alert and Destinations
Alert Type Error Condition
Paper out
Ribbon out *
Head too hot
Head too cold
Head open
Supply too hot*
Ribbon in *
Rewind *
Cutter jammed *
Printer paused
PQ job completed
Label ready *
Head element bad *
BASIC runtime
BASIC forced
Power on
Clean printhead
Media low
Ribbon low
Replace head
Battery low *
RFID error *
All messages
Unsolicited Alert messages can be directed to the following
Email (10/100 Internal PS-specific)
TCP (10/100 Internal PS-specific)
UDP (10/100 Internal PS-specific)
SNMP (10/100 Internal PS-specific)
* NOTE: Alerts for these conditions cannot be set on the HC100.
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