ZebraLink WebView - Print Server
Configuring the Print Server
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
Web Admin
This page allows you to configure the Admin
name and password. Links to upgrades and
support information can also be altered.
Note • The printer and print server password can
be changed on ZPL printers with firmware
Vx.15.x or higher.
POP3 Email Printing
This feature helps you set up the print server to
receive email messages containing formats that
can be printed. The POP3 settings must be set to
retrieve emails from the email server.
Important • Zebra recommends setting the
POP3 polling interval no lower than 30. Some
email servers will lock accounts after repeated
login attempts.
Table 10 • Print Server Configuration Menu Options (Continued)
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