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14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
Who Should Use This Document
This user guide is intended to be used by any person who will install and work with the
10/100 Internal PS for the ZM400, ZM600, GK420™, GX420/430™, ZP Series, HC100, Xi4,
and 2824 Plus printers.
How This Document Is Organized
This user guide is set up as follows:
Section Description
Introduction This chapter provides a high-level overview of the
10/100 Internal PS device, installation types,
standard network configurations, and how to work
with 10/100 Internal PS.
Getting Started This chapter provides you with information and
procedures for working with the most frequently
used 10/100 Internal PS features.
Installation This chapter provides information on the
10/100 Internal PS, and how to install ZebraNet
Utilities and the ZebraNet View Java Applet.
ZebraLink WebView - Printer This chapter provides you with detailed
information about how to set, modify, and view the
Printer Settings using WebView.
ZebraLink WebView - Print Server This chapter provides you with detailed
information about how to set, modify, and view the
Print Server Settings using WebView.
ZebraNet Utilities The appendix provides you with details on
ZebraNet Utilities, the software suite of printer
administration tools that complements and
enhances both ZebraLink and the ZebraNet family
of connectivity products.
Hardware Troubleshooting This appendix provides you with solutions to
known issues.
Print Protocols In this appendix, an exercise is provided to
experiment with File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Print Queues This appendix provides information and
instructions on configuring your print queue.
Frequently Asked Questions This appendix provides a group of frequently
asked questions (FAQs) about 10/100 Internal PS.
Glossary This appendix is a list of terms and associated
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