Important • A password is required. If you forget to enter the password, the alerts you just
set are deleted.
ZebraLink WebView - Printer
WebView - Printer
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
9. Enter a valid email address to send the alert messages to.
10. Click Add Alert Message.
To receive email alert, you must give 10/100 Internal PS the IP address of your mail server
that is running SMTP.
Important • The printer accepts only the last configuration made.
11. To save current settings, click Save Printer Setting.
12. Enter the password and click Save Current Configuration.
13. You can continue to add more Alerts, if finished:
From the Printer Home Page, select PrintServer Settings > Network Communications
•Click SMTP Email Alerts.
Specify your SMTP server address.
When these steps are done, you can begin receiving email notification messages.
Printer Controls
This page offers control over basic printer functions.
Other functions are also accessible from this page. These include:
Pause — pauses the print job.
Feed — causes printer to feed one label.
Cancel One Format — cancels the currently printing format.
Cancel All Formats — cancels all formats.
Reset Printer — causes printer to perform its standard reset without cycling power.
Example • admin@yourcompany.net (The Port field can be ignored for
email setup.)
Note • The SMTP Server address might be referred to as Mail Server address.
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