ZebraLink WebView - Printer
WebView - Printer
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
The ZebraLink messaging system provides for more than SNMP notification. Alerts can be
routed to various destinations:
serial port
parallel port destinations
Setting Alerts
ZebraLink Alerts
Your 10/100 Internal Print Server allows you to configure your printer to send unsolicited
Table 7 shows the conditions that can trigger alerts.
Table 7 • Alerts
Alert Type Error Condition
Paper out
Ribbon out *
Head too hot
Head too cold
Head open
Supply too hot*
Ribbon in *
Rewind *
Cutter jammed *
Printer paused
PQ job completed
Label ready *
Head element bad *
BASIC runtime
BASIC forced
Power on
Clean printhead
Media low
Ribbon low
Replace head
Battery low *
RFID error *
All messages
* NOTE: Alerts for these conditions cannot be set on the HC100.
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