ZebraLink WebView - Printer
WebView - Printer
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
2. To update the printer information from this view, click Refresh and the printer sends
current information to the Web browser.
3. When you are finished reviewing:
View and Modify Printer Settings
Important • To apply changes made in this section, you need to use the default password for
your printer:
Password: 1234
This section provides you with steps for accessing and modifying printer settings with a
ZebraLink-enabled printer. It also provides illustrations of the various pages you can access.
For more specific information about these settings, please refer to View and Modify Printer
Settings on page 65.
Directory Listing
The directory page provides a listing of all file system devices (B:, E:, R:, Z:). The size, name,
and location of each stored object appears.
Buttons are available to perform file management operations on the objects. The file
management operations include:
Delete object — Not available for objects in read-only memory (Z:).
Copy object to a new name and/or device — Not available for objects in read-only
memory (Z:).
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