ZebraLink WebView - Printer
WebView - Printer
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
WebView - Printer
WebView provides the System Administrator or user complete, easy, one-step control over the
printing environment. It provides real-time configuration, control, and monitoring capabilities
with the convenient graphic interface of a Web browser.
The Web pages returned by Zebra printers are not static. They contain real-time information
about the printer’s present state of operation, including on-line status, error conditions, and all
printing parameters.
Printer Home Page
The Home Page is the first web page that opens. It is a page with a menu of hyperlinks. Each
hyperlink allows you to make modifications to the printer, 10/100 Internal PS, and network
settings. The other changeable settings on the Home Page include:
Network Status, Error, and Warning reports
ZebraNet 10/100 Internal PS configuration
Printer settings
Directories of objects stored in Flash memory and RAM devices
Objects, stored fonts, images, programs, and ZPL II formats
Zebra Technologies support and home pages
Note • To access the printer’s Web page, you need the IP address. For instructions on getting
the IP address, see Assigning an IP Address on page 33.
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