Getting Started
Assigning an IP Address
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
A method by which the 10/100 Internal PS uses the IP address of the first ping packet that is
sent to its hardware address.
To use this method, complete these steps:
1. Add an entry to the ARP table that assigns an IP address to an Ethernet (hardware)
The syntax for this command is:
arp -s "temporary ipaddress of print server" "MAC Address
(print server hardware address)" arp -s <temporary ip
address> <MAC Address>
2. Power cycle the printer.
3. As the printer reboots, begin a continuous ping to the address assigned previously.
4. When the 10/100 Internal PS begins to respond, stop the ping activity.
In Windows, Ctrl + C halts the pinging.
5. Telnet to the 10/100 Internal PS and assign the appropriate IP address, subnet mask, and
gateway, if applicable.
6. Once this is complete, reset the 10/100 Internal PS.
Note • Gleaning works only on local subnets at routers. It does not pass Address Resolution
Protocol (ARP) broadcasts.
Example • You would type:
arp -s 00-07-4d-68-1D-B9-86
Note • Most UNIX systems use a continuous ping.
To use a continuous ping from a Windows host, you must issue the command:
ping -t "ipaddress".
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