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Assigning an IP Address
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
Assigning an IP Address via a Telnet Session
The methods used for assigning an IP address with a Telnet session are Static Route and
Important • This applies to any TCP/IP-capable workstation/host networked with the Zebra
printer. Both, the workstation/host and the 10/100 Internal PS, must be on the same network
Before you can Telnet to the 10/100 Internal PS and configure it, you must first assign the
10/100 Internal PS a temporary IP address.
Static Route
To use this method, complete these steps:
1. Turn on (I) the printer and wait for 2 minutes to allow for the device to complete the
During this time, the 10/100 Internal PS performs an address broadcast. If no address is
assigned to the unit (via DHCP or BOOTP), it uses a default address. The default address
for 10/100 Internal PS is Print the 10/100 Internal PS
configuration label to confirm the address. For details, see Before You Begin on page 22.
2. You can use the route add command to place the default IP address into the
workstation's network routing table.
3. At the workstation/host command prompt (in Windows, at the DOS prompt), type:
route add **** "IP address of the workstation" 0
4. Telnet to the 10/100 Internal PS by typing:
"Telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"
The password is 1234.
5. At this point, you can alter the settings as desired. When complete, do a reset and allow
the 10/100 Internal PS self-test to complete before proceeding with any communications
Example • In the next step, **** is the IP address on the 10/100 Internal PS
configuration label.
Note • The zero (0) placed at the end of the “route add” command is optional on some
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