Getting Started
Assigning an IP Address
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
Assigning an IP Address
Before you can begin working with 10/100 Internal PS, you must get or assign an IP address
for the 10/100 Internal PS device.
There are four different ways to assign an IP address. Here is a list and a brief description of
each method:
Web View — Browser-enabled method to assign an IP address.
ZebraNet View — Utility that remotely manages ZebraLink-enabled printers.
DHCP — See your LAN administrator for more information.
Telnet — DOS command to assign an IP address.
Important • Throughout the procedures in this chapter, there are some features that require the
default User ID and/or default password. If you are prompted, these are the defaults:
User ID: admin
Password: 1234
With Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
If your network uses DHCP, your 10/100 Internal PS device is assigned a temporary IP
Without DHCP
Important • The remaining sections are dependent on the successful installation of ZebraNet
Utilities. To install, see ZebraNet Utilities on page 42.
If your network does not use a dynamic IP addressing system (such as DHCP), you need to set
a permanent IP address for the 10/100 Internal PS device. ZebraNet View is the
Windows-based print server management and configuration utility that comes with your
10/100 Internal PS.
Note • Check with your Network Administrator to see whether your network uses DHCP.
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