Getting Started
Using the Control Panel to View and Modify Print Server Parameters
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
Using the Control Panel to View and Modify Print
Server Parameters
You may change several print server parameters using the control panel on the printer. Table 5
shows the parameters that may be viewed or modified through the printer’s control panel for
ZM400, ZM600, and Xi4 printers with firmware version V53.15.x or later.
Table 5 • Print Server Parameters
Parameter Function
LI ST NETWORK Print a Network Configuration Label
Use this parameter to print a network configuration label (see Figure 2
on page 24).
I P PROTOCOL1View the Method to Obtain an IP Address
This parameter tells if the user (permanent) or the server (dynamic) selects
the IP address. If a dynamic option is chosen, this parameter tells the
method(s) by which the print server (wired or wireless) receives the IP
address from the server.
Default Value: All
I P ADDRESS1View the Print Server’s IP Address
Default Value:
SUBNET MASK1View the Subnet
Default Value:
DEFAULT GATEWAY1View the Gateway
Default Value:
RESET NETWORK1Reset the Wired or Wireless Network
Use this parameter to reinitialize the wireless radio card and the print server
(wired or wireless) when the wireless print server is running. This
parameter also causes any wireless radio card in the printer to reassociate to
the wireless network.
ACTI VE PRI NTSRVR View the Active Print Server
Selections: Internal Wired, External Wired, or Wireless
PRI MARY NETWORK View the Primary Network
Selections: Wired, Wireless
Default Value: Wired
1 These parameters appear after the system recognizes the existence of a ZebraNet print server (wired or wireless). After the
print server is recognized, all zeroes ( will display until the printer obtains an IP address or defaults to
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