Print server and printer setup using a browser
Remote monitoring and configuration capability of the
10/100 Internal PS using a browser
The ability for you to send unsolicited printer status messages via
email-enabled devices
ZebraNet View allows you to locate printers automatically.
ZebraNet View searches on parameters such as IP address, subnet,
printer model, printer status, and many other user-defined
characteristics. It also offers powerful device management
ZebraNet Alert lets you configure multiple event alerts per device
with different alerts directed to different people. You are notified
of alerts from either visual or audio cues. You can also generate
advanced alert reports.
ZebraNet View Java Applet is a Java-based version of the popular
ZebraNet View. It gives you ZebraNet View capabilities in a
non-Windows environment.
ZebraNet Connect IP allows you to discover a print server on a
network and define a port for printing.
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
Table 1 • Components and Functions
Printer with 10/100 Internal PS—10/100 Internal PS gives your printer
these features:
ZebraNet Utilities—ZebraNet Utilities is a suite of software programs
that work with 10/100 Internal PS and enhance the features of ZebraLink
resident within ZPL-based printers. The features include the following:
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