11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
10BaseT A type of Ethernet that uses unshielded twisted pair cable.
100BaseT A type of Ethernet that can transmit 100Mb of data per second with a
twisted-pair cable.
ARP The standard TCP/IP method for determining the actual network address of a device
based on its IP address.
ASCII A standard for the binary representation of characters.
BOOTP BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol) is a protocol that lets a network client configure
automatically. It can automatically configure any of the following information: IP address,
gateway, subnet, system name, name server, and more. It automatically assigns the necessary
settings from a pool of pre-determined addresses for a certain duration of time. BOOTP is the
basis for a more advanced network manager protocol, the DHCP (Dynamic Host
Configuration Protocol).
broadcast In a network, a situation when all destinations on the network receive a given
client A workstation or PC in a client/server environment.
community For SNMP, a relationship between an agent and a set of SNMP managers that
defines security characteristics. The community concept is a local one, defined at the agent.
Each community is given a unique community name.
current mode (parallel port) A mode that the printer and print server negotiate.
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) DHCP is an alternative to another
network IP management protocol, Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP). Like BOOTP, DHCP can
configure an IP address, gateway, subnet, system name, and name server. When speaking
about the 10/100 Internal PS, BOOTP, and DHCP configure the same options.
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