Frequently Asked Questions
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
What if a print job makes it to the queue, but never leaves the queue? The label
does not print. These are the things to check:
Confirm that the printer is turned on and receiving power.
Confirm that the network cable is plugged in and that you can ping the printer.
If the previous bullets do not change the outcome, it is likely that there was a
misconfiguration while creating the queue. The queue must be recreated verifying the
Confirm that you use the print server’s valid IP address.
If you are using a UNIX or AS/400 host, there is an option for the remote queue name.
There is only one valid response to use: PORTLF1.
If Windows does not have LPR installed, the above required option should be left
See the documentation for other operating system specific queue creation.
What are the minimum requirements to network a printer?
Cat-5 network cable with 10BaseT connectors
• 10/100 Internal PS
•Hub or Switch
If a hub or switch is NOT used, you need a cross-over cable.
Workstation running a TCP stack with print services installed.
What is the default User ID and password for the print server?
The User ID is admin and the password is 1234.
What ports are open on 10/100 Internal PS and related software?
TCP Ports:
•21 FTP
•23 Telnet
80 HTTP Server
515 Printer port
9100 Raw socket connection
UDP Ports:
161 SNMP broadcast from 10/100 Internal PS
162 SNMP trap on ZebraNet Alert
4201 discovery destination on 10/100 Internal PS
(dynamic) SNMP get request from ZebraNet View
(dynamic) discovery broadcast from ZebraNet View
(dynamic) discovery broadcast from ZebraNet View Java
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