Print Queues
System V Queue Installation
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
System V Queue Installation
Configuring Operating System V Queue for ZebraNet Printing
This section describes the configuration of the printing system on the UNIX operating system.
For clarity and brevity, the following specific names are used to represent general devices or
lj4 — The local queue name on the UNIX system to which you want 10/100 Internal PS
print jobs directed.
ZEBRAPRINTER — The host name or IP address of the remote system that is the
10/100 Internal PS device. For example, to Telnet to the 10/100 Internal PS and invoke the
10/100 Internal PS configuration utility, you would enter:
A host name is not required for the 10/100 Internal PS — the IP address can be used.
yourqueuename — This is the name of the queue on the ZebraNet and must end with LF1.
Before you proceed, the following prerequisites must be met:
The name ZEBRAPRINTER and the IP address assigned to the 10/100 Internal PS are in
the /etc/hosts file on the UNIX system.
The LPD must be running on the UNIX system.
Spool Print Job Configuration
To configure the UNIX machine so users can spool print jobs to the PCL print
queue on the ZebraNet named ZEBRAPRINTER, complete these steps:
1. Log in to the UNIX machine as root.
2. Type:
lpsystem -t bsd ZEBRAPRINTER
3. Type:
lpadmin -p lj4 -s ZEBRAPRINTER!yourqueuename - I any
4. Type:
accept lj4
5. Type:
enable lj4
6. Try printing by typing the command:
lp -d lj4 [filename]
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