Print Queues
Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD)-Style Print Queue
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD)-Style Print Queue
BSD is a version of the UNIX OS that includes TCP/IP.
Configuring the Print Queue
Important • You must be logged in as root.
For remote BSD-style LPD printing, add the 10/100 Internal PS as a remote printer in the
/etc/printcap database to each host printing to the 10/100 Internal PS. You can add printcap
options as needed. If you are unfamiliar with these options, consult the printer documentation.
The entry looks similar to this:
:sd=path_to_spool_directory:lf=just log_file_name
Important • Each printcap entry must have a different spool directory to work properly.
local_print_queue_name — This defines the name of the printcap entry. It is used by
the LPR/LPD utilities to specify which printcap entry is being referenced. Additional printcap
entries can be added as needed for different queue types. Each entry must have a unique
local_print_queue_name and a different spool directory to work properly. When you are ready
to print, use the local_print_queue_name that matches the data type of the file to be printed.
ZebraNet_name — This is the name (alias) of the ZebraNet 10/100 Internal PS. This must
be the same name as entered in the /etc/ hosts file or your NIS or DNS system. An IP
address may also be used here.
remote_print_queue_name — This entry determines the ZebraNet port where the print
job will be printed and optionally specifies ASCII printing that must end for LF1.
path_to_spool_directory — This is the path to a directory where the print jobs will
be spooled for this queue. You must create a unique spool directory for each printcap entry.
log_file_name — This is the path to a file where error information from the LPD will be
Example • Your printcap entries might look similar to this:
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