Print Protocols
14197L-005 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 11/12/2009
Embedded within the 10/100 Internal PS is an FTP server application that processes file
transfers from a host computer to the printer.
If the printer is on a network, label formats can be generated and data can be transferred
without setting up a print queue.
To send information to the printer in a Windows environment, try this exercise:
1. In a text editor, generate the following ZPL II code:
^CF0,55^FDZebra Technologies^FS
2. Save the file and name it test.txt.
3. Open the MS-DOS Command Prompt and type:
ftp <IP of 10/100 PS>
This opens a session with the FTP server.
4. Type your user name and press Enter.
5. Type:
put test.txt
This transfers test.txt to the printer, and the printer generates a label.
6. To terminate the FTP session, type:
Example • If the IP address of your 10/100 Internal PS device is, you
would type:
Note • The default user name is blank.
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