Hardware Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting the 10/100 PS
11/12/2009 10/100 Internal Print Server User Guide 14197L-005
For the G-Series, ZP Series, and 2824 Plus Printers
On the top of the RJ45 connector, two LEDs are provided for these printers. The left LED is
green and the right LED is amber. Follow the table below to determine activity and status of
the G-Series, ZP Series, and 2824 Plus printers.
ZebraNet View Utility Discovery or Configuration Problems
If you are having problems using the ZebraNet View utility to discover or configure the unit,
check the following:
Verify there is not a router between the workstation running ZebraNet View and the
10/100 Internal PS. Because the 10/100 Internal PS does not have an IP address, TCP/IP
communication cannot be started across a router. Run ZebraNet View on the same subnet
as the 10/100 Internal PS.
Verify that the LED on the 10/100 Internal PS is active. Consult the chart above for
Unable to Print
If you are having problems printing, verify that there is communication between the
10/100 Internal PS and the printer. Suggestions include the following:
Ping the printer to determine the ability to communicate with the printer. See Ping the
Or open a Telnet session and send a ZPL command to print a configuration label. See
Telnet on page 111 for more information.
Check obvious error conditions such as head open, out of media, out of ribbon, etc.
If problems persist, contact Technical Support.
Left LED State Right LED State Description
Off Off No Ethernet link detected
Off Amber 10 Mbps link detected
Green, blinking Amber 10 Mbps link detected and Ethernet activity
Green Off 100 Mbps link detected
Green Amber, blinking 100 Mbps link detected and Ethernet activity
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