USB Interface 5 - 3
To set up the digital scanner:
1. Connect the modular connector of the USB interface cable to the cable interface port on the digital scanner
(see Installing the Interface Cable on page 1-3).
2. Plug the series A connector in the USB host or hub, or plug the Plus Power connector in an available port of
the IBM SurePOS terminal.
3. Select the USB device type by scanning the appropriate bar code from USB Device Type on page 5-5.
4. On first installation when using Windows, the software prompts to select or install the Human Interface Device
driver. To install this driver, provided by Windows, click Next through all the choices and click Finished on the
last choice. The digital scanner powers up during this installation.
5. To modify any other parameter options, scan the appropriate bar codes in this chapter.
If problems occur with the system, see Troubleshooting on page 3-4.
USB Parameter Defaults
Table 5-1 lists the defaults for USB host parameters. To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code(s)
provided in the Parameter Descriptions section beginning on page 5-5.
NOTE Interface cables vary depending on configuration. The connectors illustrated in Figure 5-1 are examples
only. The connectors may be different than those illustrated, but the steps to connect the digital scanner
are the same.
NOTE See Appendix A, Standard Default Parameters for all user preferences, hosts, symbologies, and
miscellaneous default parameters.
Table 5-1
USB Interface Parameter Defaults
Parameter Default Page
USB Host Parameters
USB Device Type HID Keyboard Emulation 5-5
Symbol Native API (SNAPI) Status Handshaking Enable 5-6
USB Country Keyboard Types (Country Codes) North American 5-7
USB Keystroke Delay No Delay 5-9
Simulated Caps Lock Disable 5-10
USB CAPS Lock Override Disable 5-10
USB Ignore Unknown Characters Enable 5-11
USB Convert Unknown to Code 39 Disable 5-11
USB Ignore Beep Directive Honor 5-12
USB Ignore Type Directive Honor 5-12
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